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Tired of casual sex with random strangers you meet in places where you think you would find a good person? So is Nneoma. In these days and times, casual sex is the norm, but for people who actually want to settle down and get married, the concern is raised about how to find the right person. In The Chronicles at SuperSaver Market, Nneoma struggles with being a woman who deserves marriage with a good man. The SuperSaver Market is a place where almost anything can happen, and where anyone can meet anybody. Come along for the ride as Nneoma cruises the streets in her fire red Buick Cascada in search of love and understanding. Meet her family, friends, and strangers who ignite her fire and spark her curiosity.

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Nicholas, the Patron Saint is a play set for stage filled with Christian themes and symbolism that will warm hearts while sharing the love of Christ through this modern day recreation of “jolly-old Saint Nick.”

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Quilts by Nneoma Prudence LaMarche debuts in 2021!!!!

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